Oslo Garden

A blog about gardening in Oslo, Norway

Useful links

Places to visit 

Geitmyra skolehage i Oslo– a fantastic four acre site established in 1909 which is open to anyone to see urban farming in action. As well as plants, there are hens, a beehive and a pond! It hosts organic gardening courses, a demonstration garden and events for the public throughout the year.

Oslo Botanical Gardens– packed full of botanical plants on show, wonderful willow sculptures  and a little garden shop. Plus they have a programme of guided tours and diverse workshops and events. A permanent outdoor Viking Garden, that opened in 2014, is situated next to Jens Bjelkes gata entrance.

Bydøy Royal Farm- An organic farm near the centre of the city open for visits.

Kampen Organic Farm– a lovely city farm near Ensjø station

Geitmyra Culinary Centre for Children situated near Geitmyra Skolehage but a separate enterprise focussing on food education and food growing-related activities. Day visits for schools and nurseries, kids’ food courses, workshops and open farm days for families. They now have a dedicated website on organic growing called urban dyrking.

Recommended Norwegian Books

Kjøkkenhage by Kirsty McKinnon- a wonderfully inspiring and thorough reference guide to creating a kitchen garden in Norway particularly suited to Norway’s climate.

Enkel kjøkkenhage på 1-2-3– Håkon Mella

Min egen kjøkkenhage– Bella Linde & Vanja Sandgren

Spiselig på liten plass– Tommy Tønsberg

General gardening/growing Norwegian websites

Det Norske Hageselskapet– Norway’s Gardening Society with local groups all over the country. Hagepraten (garden chat) is its discussion forum.

Oikos.no– Norway’s movement of organic producers. A listing of what’s going on in Oslo can be found here.

Majobo urban gardening and community agriculture initiatives in Oslo. Another initiative has sprung up from this one called Nabolagshager, a centre for urban farming with information and courses.

skolehage.no– a collaborative initiative to promote school gardening in Norway. Runs general talks, an annual School Garden seminar and school garden workshops for teachers in the spring.

Norwegian Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Research- bioforsk.no– has a dedicated mini site on school gardens

Agropub– information on organic farming and agronomics in Norway

Slowpix– connected to the slow food movement detailing international (including Norwegian) food growing projects and food selling enterprises

NIBIO– Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research- current research on themes such as forestry, natural resources, plant varieties, biotechnology and food health.

Guerilla Gardening in Oslo- gueriljahage facebook page

Blindern Student Garden Association– a school garden on the Blindern campus run by students of the University of Oslo

Norges Miljø og Biovitenskapelige Universitet (NMBU)- University of Life Sciences runs continuing education courses for teachers in school gardens and sustainable learning.

Permaculture association in Norway

Øverland Andelslandbruk– Community Supported Agriculture scheme in Bærum

Norway’s Biodynamic Association – www.biodynamisk.no

Nordgen– is a Nordic organisation dedicated to the safeguarding and sustainable use of plants, farm animals and forests. Also has an annual sale of heritage seeds.

Hagegal– A gardening forum with gardeners’ questions & discussions

Norske Økosamfunnshus Forening– a  non-profit organisation promoting eco and sustainable communities.

Omstilling Sagene– a Transition Town initiative for residents in the Oslo district, Sagene. Organises lots of community events promoting sustainability.

Herligheten– an urban food initiative with allotments right at the heart of the city centre development in Bjørvika.

Solhatt – online seed store and info on varieties for the Norwegian climate.

Urtekilden– index of medicinal plants and shop

Garden Living– seeds and gardening shop


Norwegian Beekeeping Association- www.norges-birokterlag.no

Bybi– the Oslo branch of the Birøkterlag with urban beekeeping courses and activities.

Norway Bumblebee Association helping to protect bumblebees offering bee walks, activities and courses.


Norske Kolonihage Forbund (Norwegian Allotment Association)- history and details of the country’s various allotments.

There are typically long waiting lists for allotments but details of all the sites in Oslo, background research and contacts to sign up for each allotment can be found at parsellhager.no.

Egebergløkka parsellhage– allotment gardens on Telthusbakken formed in 1917. Check out Honey for sale days!

Edible perennial growing

A very informative website on growing edible perennial plants – edimentals.com– with details of foraging trips, talks and workshops organised by Stephen Barstow. Stephen also co co-ordinates the Norwegian Seed Savers.

Efferus– information on Forest Gardening in Norway and a supplier of edible perennial plant seeds

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