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School garden: Year 2, planting begins

Over the past few weeks, I’ve begun transplanting seedlings that I sowed indoors in March and April into the school raised beds as well as starting to sow directly outside. Once the snow had melted, I began by covering up all the beds with a dark weed barrier material which would stop any weeds from sprouting and help accelerate the warming of the soil in readiness for growing. Before I did that I took a peek under the sheets of newspaper that I had laid over the soil way back in the autumn. Although it hadn’t broken down significantly during the winter, it was soggy and beginning to decompose since the snow had thawed. What was also noticeable was just how many worms there were, all lying under it! These little creatures would be vital in turning this ordinary paper into goodness for the soil.P1010830

Caught on camera yesterday in between radish and salads

I monitored the soil temperature by periodically taking the temperature of the soil using a soil themometer and returned a few weeks later to add some compost to the soil. There is always a tendency for soil in raised beds to sink, so each year it needs to be topped up so that it keeps its structure and nutrient content. Nutrients lost through leaching and uptake by hungry plants need to be replaced so there’s enough for the new plants coming in. Homemade compost is great if you can make it, but Continue reading