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Expect the unexpected

Wait, what happened??! One minute it’s spring,  the next minute it’s….


This morning’s forecast of rain that has turn out to be (surprise!) snow is somewhat head wrecking but it won’t significantly affect my plants. However at this time of year it’s still important to be prepared for unexpected dips in night-time temperatures and frost.  When it’s bright and sunny outside, it’s easy to get complacent. This coming week, there are swings of temperatures of between 0 to 11 degrees C, and in the outskirts or higher areas of the city the temperatures drop to -4 degrees C at night. So it’s worth just being vigilant. Protect your most vulnerable plants.

I’ve only just managed to save my Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus) so I’ll be watching the temperatures keenly and throw a light fleece over it again if necessary over the next week….