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Coming back to a summer garden

Going away in the summer brings its own challenges if you have a garden. If you’re lucky enough to have a neighbour that can water your plants like I did this time then that’s ideal but in years gone by I’ve used all manner of contraptions like this one here and capillary matting for indoor plants.

Inevitably there is a bit of maintenance after you return from a trip. Before I went away I hadn’t given my own garden much attention, having been focussed solely on planting up the school garden (see my separate posts for that).

Just before I left, the Geranium macrorrhizum was just beginning to bloom and attracting lots of bees.

By the time I returned to the garden after a few weeks, I was greeted with a lot of new lush growth aka out of control plants! The Geranium had already finished flowering so I cut it right back to a few inches above ground level. It may seem brutal but this will invigorate the plant plus make room for its neighbour, a Salvia that had been a bit over shadowed.

This beautiful Geranium Rozanne (left) was just coming into flower and bush out. Its loose, floppy habit can also crowd out neighbours so I created a plant support for it moulding a piece of thick wire into an un upside down U-shape and pinning it down to stop it completely dwarfing the Astilbe next to it.  The honeysuckle’s sweet fragrant flowers were in bloom but it was flopping all around the place as I hadn’t given it anything to climb on, so I created a bamboo support for it.

At the honeysuckle’s base, I discovered this mysterious little plant (another unidentified sale impulse buy last year!) with vibrant pink-purple flowers, that close every evening and reopen each morning. DSC_0285Here’s how my July garden looks after its spruce-up! Garden 6