Oslo Garden

A blog about gardening in Oslo, Norway

Get involved

With this blog, I try to chronicle what I’m gardening and how I’m gardening in real time so that anyone can learn from my experience and feel like they can have a go. If you would like to grow your own food or have a small space you’d like to fill with flowers but just need help getting started then do get in touch if you can’t find what you need on the blog and I will try to help.

There are also local initiatives around the city that you may want to check out: see the Useful Links page.

Perhaps you’ve already got stuck into gardening or are running a community growing project? Then I’d love to hear what your experience here has been like.

Would you like to set up growing projects with children at your school/kindergarten/after-school club but don’t know where to begin? Gardening can build and nurture a child’s connection with the world. School gardens can be fun and creative, and are a great way of bringing the whole school community together: parents, teachers and staff and children. I can offer some ideas of small practical activities right through to helping you to plan your garden space. From growing sprouts in a jar, flowers on a window sill or vegetables in the playground, remember, no space is too small!

Check back on this site periodically as I will try to post information on gardening/growing activities and events I come across taking place in and around Oslo.

Please contact me below.

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