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Spring in my step


I’m pleased to be back to gardening after an extended absence. My last blog entry, way back in July 2016, was written just as I and the family were making preparations to move house, with all the craziness that moving entails. I had barely got settled into our new home before I swapped my gardening tools for pens and pencils and embarked on a year-long study course in Garden Design at the Inchbald School of Design in London.

Returning to study was a daunting but also a thrilling prospect. Over the year, we explored art and themes like aesthetics, garden design history, design principles and plant design. We developed skills in technical drawing and construction detail drawing. We kept sketchbooks to strengthen our hand drawing and to record our creative visual process. Our heads were crammed full of latin plant names and we scrutinised every paving stone and brick like never before! The whole experience turned out to be challenging but totally exhilarating.

A selection of my drawings and photos from 2016/2017 course.

Happily, in the summer of 2017, I graduated- yippeeee!!! – but then promptly followed it with an extended period away from all garden-related things to recharge! Over this last winter, I gradually began taking steps to establish a business here (psst, here’s my website if you are interested). As time goes on, I’ll continue to share my gardening adventures here on my blog and hope you can join me too!


Author: hagenics

Environmentalist and gardener currently living in Oslo, Norway.

2 thoughts on “Spring in my step

  1. Does that mean you’ll be changing your blog to ’Gardening in London’?

    • Definitely not, I’m still happily based in Oslo 🙂 I may feature some visits that I make along the way to other gardens elsewhere but essentially this blog continues to record my gardening & growing-related issues here in Norway. Many thanks for stopping by!

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