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A new growing season

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From here on in, the days get longer and the weather becomes milder. 20160318_090959In the month since my last post, there’s been another dump (or two) of snow in the city, rendering it all white and wintry. But this week, temperatures have risen and the sun’s been strong. The remaining snow on the ground has started to melt. There is a definite sense that spring is in the air!

I’ve removed the covers from my plants and the plants are still waking up. Lovely spring bulbs that I’d ordered in the autumn disappointingly have never arrived. So I’m short of spring colour this year. But it’s the perfect time to look ahead and start making a plan for the garden for the coming months.

This year at home, my aims are to:

  1. Harden off new seedlings in my cold frame which will hopefully make acclimatising plants a bit easier.
  2. Use the cold frame to start growing some cool-weather crops a bit earlier, and also to extend the season at the tail end.
  3. Focus on creating mixed pots with lovely combinations of vegetables and colourful annual flowers to attract pollinators.
  4. Make a bee hotel.
  5. Pot up my dahlias earlier so that they can start flowering earlier and make the most of the warm season.
  6. Make plant supports and set them in place when the plants are still young. Last year I left it too late and before I realised it my Dahlias, Cosmos and Antirrhinum all had curly stems and were useless for displaying in a vase!
  7. Run another trial to grow winter vegetables, but this time sowing them earlier in the summer so that they become more established before the winter arrives.

At the school, it’s Year Three of a 3- year rotation. I aim to:

  1. Be more organised and sow more crops in succession to extend the harvest season and avoid gluts of produce.
  2. Try growing a few new varieties this year, namely more mange tout peas, some Vicia faba and a vine winter squash.

More of that, and a growing plan, shortly.

Now, I must get on to ordering some seeds….


Author: hagenics

Environmentalist and gardener currently living in Oslo, Norway.

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